Zappa asked “Does Humour belong in Music?”

Answer…You bet!   But, is the music serious? Answer…Yes!

Frank Zappa and his music are too deep, to sum up in just a few words.

So here are a few more words; blistering guitar, lowbrow, highbrow, satirical, conservative, radical, funny, concerned, workaholic, American, intellect, inspiring, positive, clever, talented…

If this doesnâ’t help explain Zappa, perhaps a few more words from immensely talented musicians that performed with him.

“Frank just played the guitar like nobody I ever seen in my life” Steve Vai (skilled guitar player).  See the full interview here.

“Frank was wide open musically. He loved everything. He loved music that didnâ’t quite go together and he would force it together” George Duke (skilled keyboard player).  See the full interview here.

The subject matter of songs could be as diverse as the man himself, so letâ’s hear from the man himself.

“I deal with human behaviour situations… if a guy in the band say(s) and do(es) something funny then I recount that in a story much like a folk song” Frank Zappa on Larry King Live, August 1985. Now I am not sure Frank Zappa is referring to a certain blue haired guitar player and his hairbrush here, but the point is anything can turn up in a song.

Frank has gone but fortunately his humour, skills and even children (see Dweezil Zappa) continue to inspire us into the future.


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