Yippee Ki – Yay, Bruce!

One of the greatest action film stars of all time turns 62 today.

Is it Arnold Schwarzenegger?


Is it Sylvester Stallone?

No, no. The man is Bruce Willis. And he is not only an actor, he is also a very competent singer. Not great, but decent. Except for being best known for his roles of tough, macho men, he also made some films in which he actually got a chance show his talent for acting. Some of those roles including Dr Malcolm Crowe in “The Sixth Sense”, Col. William A. McNamara in “Hart’s War”, Old Joe in “Looper” and arguably his best performance – Hartigan in “Sin City”.

Let’s be honest, though. When you say his name, what is the first film you think of? Of course – the “Die Hard” film series. And those are great films. Larger than life hero, great villains, jocular and effective one-liners… Those films got it all right.

Well, except for the last one. That was a disaster. But hey, four out of five! Not a bad track record at all. Let’s be fair, the magic of “Die Hard” films is not only in a great leading role (and great it is). Four films in the series were directed by very competent directors in the action genre. The first and the third by John McTiernan (“Predator “, “The Hunt for Red October”), the second one by Renny Harlin (“Cliffhanger”), and the fourth by Len Wiseman, the man responsible for “Underworld” films. And the less we talk about “A Good Day To Die Hard”, the better.

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The 80’s and the 90′ gave us some great and fun action flicks. No doubt that “Die Hard” franchise is positioned high on that list.

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