The Who’s “Who’s Next” was released on this day

The Who Hamburg 1972

Pete Townshend woke up one day and realised he wanted to offer something new to his fans. That’s how the idea of a rock opera “Lifehouse“ was born. However, it turned out to be too complex a project. Conflicts between Pete Townshend who wrote it and Kit Kambert, the manager, didn’t help either. Pete almost got a nervous breakdown. But we got The Who’s best album, according to critics. An unsuccessful project led to a very successful one.
Even though the “Lifehouse“ project was aborted, Townshend continued recording the songs and the album “Who’s Next“ was made of them.

It was released on August 14th, 1971 and was an immediate success. With this album, The Who managed to get to the top of the UK charts. “Won’t Get Fooled Again”, a classic song of Whos, was released before the album, and it anticipated the success of the whole album with #9 and #15 in the charts.

“Lifehouse” was supposed to be a sci-fi story about the world without music, and that futuristic element is recognisable on the album as well. These days it doesn’t sound like that, but at the beginning of 70’s it did.

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