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Bathsheba’s Cosmic Mixtape – Whitfield Crane

Bathsheba’s Cosmic Mixtape Project – Episode 2

When I came up with the killer idea for my Cosmic Mixtape Project in a quest for the ultimate mixtape, even with my persuasive charms, and so many rock stars dropping in and out of my cosmic merch store, I knew it would take a bit of a kick to get those oh-so-busy rock n’ rollers to take a break from worshipping Satan and get involved. If I was going to come up with the ultimate formula for the perfect mixtape then someone would need someone to go first (other than my sister-in-crime, Pandora). Someone that would just get on an do it because they are just that cool. I didn’t even need to hit the roladex or think about it. I went straight for one of the most generous dude’s out there… Ugly Kid Joe singer Mr Whitfield Crane.

Whitfield Crane – Ugly Kid Joe

You know him as the singer from Ugly Kid Joe and writer of wonderfully venomous “Everything About You”. That sunny slice California surf with a bouncy, catchy-as-hell hook, a bass line that would have had Flea blubbing over why he hadn’t written it and lyrics that left it’s subject in no doubt that he wasn’t a fan (the EP As Ugly As They Wanna Be is STILL the biggest selling EP EVER).

I know him as a tip-top guy that wears shit loads of BathroomWall T-shirts and if Whitfield Crane had been in Nirvana or the Foo Fighters would be a shoo-in to that Nicest Guy In Rock tag.
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So when I messaged Whit, in less than a couple of minutes I had a response saying “sure, I’ll do it now”

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And hey, I’m in good company as Whitfield Crane lists the likes of Duff McKagen, Slash, Phil Campbell, Sebastian Bach and Scott Ian as pals he was tight with Lemmy and he hangs out with Ozzy. And it was his friendship with Ozzy that lead to Whit getting possibly the coolest job I never knew existed…. he was Ozzy for the Black Sabbath‘s reunion rehearsals singer!

Hey Whit, I never knew about the Sabbath story until Henry Rollins mentioned it on his podcast. Kept that one quiet?

“It was rad jamming for three days with the original Sabbath. Full PA, Ozzy’s mic and in Birmingham!! I actually have seventeen songs of it off an Ampex 456. It sounds unbelievable!!! Though I can’t share it with the world. That’s the only way Sharron would let me have it!” (damn you Mrs Osbourne…)

So, what is Whitfield Crane up to now?
I’m in a new outfit “Yellowcake” out of Melbourne Australia. It’s crushing and Sabbath-like. Sick ass guitar tones – we have one song out at the moment. It’s Called “Devils Call” You can peep it on all the usual intereeb platforms. A cool lyric video as well on the Tube that is You! And of course, Ugly Kid Joe are still going strong.

Whit’s Ultimate Mixtape – Jimi Hendrix

Right then, Who is the ultimate mixtape for?
Jimi Hendrix!

When and where are you giving it to him?
On the other side when the winds’ just right…

Why have you chosen Jimi?
Jimi was never from this world though he improved my stay immensely. Thus I thought I’d bring him a gift he can enjoy! Something that might take him Bach to the start – Jimi Hendrix was the 1st artist that hypnotised me. Around 12 or 13 years old I found the album “ Smash Hits” I listened over and over and through and through. I then graduated to “ Axis Bold As Love” and never looked back. For me, Jimi opened the door to musical freedom and maybe freedom in general. It’s funny. Smelling a certain fragrance or hearing a certain song takes me back. To an exact time, space and feeling. Whenever I hear Jimi Hendrix I feel alive in every sense

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You know that whole High Fidelity thing about mixtape rules? Any for you?
Just marble in the groove! As for the tracks, they speak for themselves.

Is there a theme to your mixtape?
Nope, just a Jimi Hendrix tape for Jimi Hendrix.

Whit’s Jimi Hendrix Tracks

OK, must admit, I wasn’t imagining anyone doing a tape for someone consisting entirely of their own much, so let’s get to it and let’s have the tracks…

Track Listing

1 Little Wing
2 Castles made of sand
3 Voodoo Child (slight return)
4 Crosstown traffic
5 Purple haze
6 Burning of the midnight lamp
7 All along the Watch Tower
8 Room full of mirrors
9 Angel

2 Up from the Skies
3 Spanish Castle Magic
4 Wait Until Tomorrow
5 Ain’t No Telling
6 If 6 Was 9
7 You Got Me Floatin’
8 She’s So Fine
9 One Rainy Wish
10 Little Miss Lover
11 Bold as Love

Thanks Whit for helping with the ultimate mixtape, you’re a champion as always
Always! Anything you need! It takes a village. Shine bright!!! Much love



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