We’ve Been “In Rock” for 47 Years

Sometimes, you just hit the jackpot. Just like that. Let’s be honest: Rod Evans is a splendid singer. But Ian Gillan is something special. “In Rock” is the fourth studio album by English rock band Deep Purple, released on this day, 47 years ago, and the first one that featured Gillan as lead vocal. This album is still considered one of the band’s best ones, and it even received the Classic Rock and Roll of Honour Award in 2005.

The elephant in the room here, people. There’s a reason this album is what it is. “Speed King” is a great song, so is “Hard Lovin’ Man”, “Into the Fire” even, but “Child in Time”… Where to start with this 10 minutes epic song that now has a cult status, even if Gillan just can’t sing it on concerts anymore?

Well, let’s hear it from the performer himself: “If you’re a singer after 40 it’s particularly difficult because your voice box changes unless you keep it trained. With regard to my trademark screaming, I think Child In Time would put me in a hospital now! The notes are still available but not for as long”. And this is the band’s legendary guitar player Ritchie Blackmore: “I think Ian and I were both in tune when we first met. And his vocals on Child in Time were amazing”.

Maybe it’s not fair to speak of an entire album from the perspective of just one song. But when that song stands out that much, it’s inevitable. Even so, “In Rock” is great album altogether and a worthy addition to the rock music history.

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