We Still Love “Oasis”, Even Though The Gallaghers Don’t

For many people, the Gallagher brothers are still the synonym of “Oasis”.

Not so fair to the other members of the band, but well… Liam (vocal and tambourine) and Noel (lead guitar, vocal and songwriter) are still regarded as the most popular members of the worldwide popular Britpop band that is no more.

Why were they so interesting? You could find them in tabloid newspapers regularly. Their intense mutual relations and uncommon lifestyles were that interesting.

On their last tour the relationship got worse than ever and in 2009 Noel left Oasis with the intention to commit to a solo project called “Noel Gallagherâ’s High Flying Birds”. Liam continued with the remaining members of the band under the name “Beady Eye” until 2014.

You probably remember what happened on that last “Oasis” tour. On August 28 there was a fight between the brothers in the backstage. Just minutes before it was supposed to start, the gig at the Rock en Seine Festival was cancelled. A few days earlier, Oasis had cancelled the gig planned for V Festival because of Liam’s laryngitis. Later on, Noel would say that the gig was cancelled due to Liam having „a hangover“. Liam sued Noel for slander. Noel apologised later and the lawsuit was dropped, but “Oasis” didnâ’t exist anymore.

Some fans sided with Noel, some with Liam. Some supported both of them, some neither of them. Some continued to adore â€œOasis” ignoring the brothersâ’ respective works after the “Oasis” era.

We won’t join the other media with guessing if the brothers would ever come back together. Even Paul McCartney tried to interfere, but to no avail. There’s an ongoing Twitter war between Noel and Liam, which shows that the hatchet is probably never going to be burried, thus confirming that an era is over.

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It was a great era. Too bad it ended in so ugly, though not so unexpected way.


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