Two Decades of “Blur” (The Album)

Itâ’s been 20 years since Blur released their fifth studio album Blur.

This album was a little bit different from the previous ones. The influence of American indie rock, confirmed by the bandâ’s guitarist Graham Coxon, made the difference.

Some thought it wasnâ’t a smart idea, but the album was a success.

The first single „Beetlebum“ hit the top of the UK charts.

And „Song 2“ made this album the most successful in the US.

Their producer Stephen Street said that they had decided, while working on Blur, not to fall for commercial pressure. They didnâ’t try to make a single and didnâ’t want to compete with anyone.

A smart decision. Blur is a great band. They didnâ’t need to be compared with Oasis (which nevertheless happened), and especially didnâ’t need to compete with them.

Reviewing the album, Lindsay Zolandz wrote for the “Pitchfork” that “Death of a Party” is the albumâ’s highlight and that it probably influenced Gorillaz. I tend to agree with that observation.

Blur was more aggressive and more personal than the band’s previous albums. It was very well accepted in the US, but in the UK album reviews were mixed.

But that isn’t so important anymore. Blur has proven to be a precious addition to the history of music. Itâ’s been alive and well for 20 years now and will hopefully continue to be for another 20, or more.

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