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On January 12th back in 1964, The Beatles appeared on the ATV show Sunday Night At The London Palladium hosted by Bruce Forsyth.  Such was the rise of The Beatles popularity at this time, that they were able to be paid four times as much as they received on the same show three months earlier.

On the same day in 1969, Led Zeppelin’s debut record was unleashed upon the UK market. The self-titled album was recorded at Olympic Studios in Barnes, London.  Jimmy Page, perhaps the most successful of the Led Zeppelin musos at that stage, put up the money for the recording session.  Led Zeppelin (One – as it is sometimes named) was put together quickly and for only £1,782.  Many of the classic tracks were recorded ‘live’ in the studio. The album spent a total of 71 weeks on the UK chart and still sells today.  The memorable album cover was a black and white image of a burning and crashing Zeppelin airship.  This picture stood as a metaphor for how some naysayers thought the band would go.  The album cover would go on to become a poster that adorned the walls of many want to be rock stars for years to come.



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