The Threat Is Real and Megadeth IS Dystopia

Megadeth at Sauna

They are still very alive and kicking, despite the fact that their career already lasts more than 30 years! Guitarist and frontman Dave Mustaine and bassist David Ellefson formed the band in 1983 shortly after Mustaine had, well, let’s say not so nice parting ways with Metallica.

They are the pioneers of the American thrash metal scene, alongside Anthrax, Metallica and Slayer, and they are responsible for thrash metal’s development and popularization throughout the world.

Megadeth plays a technical style metal music, featuring fast rhythm sections and complex arrangements. Their favourite themes are death, war, politics and religion. Fun stuff, right?

The current lineup consists of Dave Mustaine – lead vocals, lead, rhythm and acoustic guitars, Kiko Loureiro – lead, rhythm and acoustic guitars and backing vocals, David Ellefson – bass guitar and backing vocals and Chris Adler – drums. Many people have rushed through this band – Marty Friedman, Al Pitrelli, James MacDonough, Jimmy DeGrasso and others. Megadeth has sold about 50 million records worldwide, which is a great success, considering the music genre.

Dystopia is their fifteenth studio album released January 22nd, 2016, and it consists of 11 songs in total (one of them, Foreign Policy, being the Fear cover). Dystopia received generally favourable reviews and it has been praised for getting back to the more aggressive style. As Dave Mustaine says: “There are four basic proponents that make up what I write about: War, politics, drugs and the occult. That’s kind of my Mount Rushmore.” We hear you Dave, and hope it’ll be the same with your 16th studio album.

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