They Are Walking. And They Are Dead.

Zombies. They became extremely popular in recent years. Movies, video games, TV shows…. Slow ones, fast ones, you name it, we have it. People are obsessed with the living dead. A long time has passed since John Romero’s underground horror flicks. Zombies are mainstream now.

Do you need a better proof for this than the fact that the recent Call of Duty games have got a mandatory zombie mod? Yes, mainstream.

But there is one TV show that seems to profit the most from our fascination with guys who love the taste of human brains. That TV show is, of course, The Walking Dead, and recently season seven finale was aired. Seven seasons! That is some stretch. And considering that the comic book series (by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard) upon which the show is based is still ongoing, there’s a slim chance that we will see the end of the TV series anytime soon.

And that is good.

It’s entertaining, highly addictive and it provides loads and loads of fun. Simply put – television done right.

Just one thing. It’s hard to say who are the actors in The Walking Dead because characters here drop like flies. There are few constants, but let’s play it safe – Andrew Lincoln stars the show and Norman Reedus stole the fans’ hearts.

There is a veil of a mystery covering the popularity of this show. Maybe because people love post-apocalyptic stories, and maybe because of the fact that in this particular apocalypse, the real walking dead are not zombies.

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