The Smiths played their very first gig 35 years ago

The Smiths had many live performances, but the first one happened on October 4th, 1982. On that day Morrissey, Johnny Marr, Mike Joyce and Dale Hibbert supported Blue Rondo A La Turk at the Ritz in Manchester.

We suppose it was fun. James Maker, a friend of Morrissey, had put women’s shoes on his feet and danced. It was kind of a shock, and that’s always fun.

Jonny Marr had his unique perspective on the event: “I remember it well. It was really exciting. We did a really weird set. I knew no one had heard anything like it before. We had a male go-go dancer in stilettos for a start. And we did a song called ‘I Want A Boyfriend For My Birthday’ – an obscure record by The Cookies – and I knew it would freak people out,“ he told the Select Magazine.

Things were a little bit messy. They were not allowed to do anything with the stage equipment, so Morissy could not set the microphone, which he evidently wanted because it was too low for him. And Joyce damaged the skin of his drum. Jonny Marr faced his own bad luck; he bumped the end of his guitar, and it distracted him, so he lost the rhythm.

These tiny details were annoying, to be sure, but the performance went well. The audience was satisfied. However, a part of them was there just because of John Marr – namely, his friends.

But that’s not important now. The Smiths would become a legendary band, and they would have more gigs at Ritz, and all around the world, with more people in the audience and fewer problems with the equipment and instruments.

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The band’s short career would continue until December 1986, when they did their last gig ever, at Brixton Academy in London.

And we still miss them, more than 30 years later. Hear that, Steve and Johnny?

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