“The man who fell to earth” – 2 years ago, David died

David Bowie

It’s been two years since a grave shock hit the earth. David Robert Jones, also known as David Bowie, the beloved “musical chameleon”, suddenly left this world. He was, and will never cease to be, a constant influence on different generations of writers, artists, and designers. He was, and will never cease to be, a unique presence.

As all of us remember all too well, he died shortly after the release of his album “Blackstar”, arguably one of the best albums of his fruitful career.

When asked about his musical influences, Bowie, although a multifaceted artist, although only 22 at the time, answered: “I idolised John Coltrane and Eric Dolphy, and learned to play the clarinet and tenor saxophone when I was 12. When I first came into the business six years ago it was as a jazz musician.”

He wasn’t just a musician. His interests delved in almost every art form he came across. His unique visage, a velvet voice, and indisputable talent for acting made him an interesting choice for many a film director. Notable roles came one after the other: “The Man Who Fell To Earth”, “The Hunger”, “Labyrinth”, “The Last Temptation Of Christ”, “The Prestige”, and many more.

The greatness of David Bowie wasn’t only to be seen in the fact that he could produce art. He could recognise and conceptualise new art forms as well.

It was the last year of the old millennium. Video games still weren’t part of a multi-billion industry. A game developer studio “Quantic Dream” released “Omikron: The Nomad Soul”.

Guess who appeared there.

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The developer, David Cage, had made himself a wishlist of composers, with Bjork, “Massive Attack”, “Archive”, and ol’ Dave among others.

Contrary to Cage’s expectations, Bowie responded immediately. He even wanted to have a role in the game. So they gave him two! Even his wife Iman did a voice-over for one of the characters.

Ironically, the day of his death came only two days after his 69th birthday. So, we can celebrate his birthday instead of marking his death anniversary. After all, he is very much alive. After all, the man who fell to earth can always decide to fly away.

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