The Crushing Power Of Four Iron Strings

Today we celebrate the 61st birthday of Steve Harris, the legendary “Iron Maiden” bass player and main songwriter.

He is also the band’s back vocalist, keyboards player, producer and video director.

Oh yes, and he also plays football. Just for fun.

Steve’s personal story is, naturally, tightly connected to that of the band he founded. He is the only band member that has participated in every single “Maiden” album. His “galloping” playing style is one of the band’s most distinctive elements.

Most of the “Maiden” fans perceive their fav band’s history as a succession of three eras, marked and defined by three figures: Paul Di’Anno, Bruce Dickinson and Blaze Bayley. All of them are singers which have contributed to the band in three different, and differently unique ways. However, there is one person that has always been there – the grey eminence, the man who kept the wheels turning even when fans and critics disliked some of their albums. Steve Harris, that is.

So how does he feel when he takes a look back at his career?

In his own words: “I tend not to look too much back; I tend to look forward. So, I suppose, I know, I’ve had probably most of my life, and there’s less going forwards than there is going back, but I prefer to look in the future. But, yeah, I mean, yeah, we’ve had a fantastic career, so if it ended tomorrow, it’s been amazing, and I can live with that. But, obviously, we’d like to carry on longer, so hopefully we can carry on a bit more.”

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We’re looking forward to it, Mr Harris. Thanks for rolling the ball and happy birthday!

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