Beatles NOT Greatest Hits - Beatles deep album cuts

THE BEATLES – NOT Greatest Hits

Just imagine if anyone had recorded any of these Beatles tracks? They wouldn’t be album tracks. No one else could have left them behind as studio outtakes. With very few exceptions, they would be the greatest things that artist had ever recorded. They would be hailed as examples of why that band was the greatest thing since The Beatles. But in the hands of the Fab Four, they are “merely” Beatles deep album cuts, B-sides and songs that only saw the light on compilations. How is it possible that Blackbird was not a massive hit? But hey, isn’t that just part of the magic behind The Beatles?

The Playlist

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Putting the list together

We ummed and erred about doing a Beatles NOT Greatest Hits for some time. The premise of doing a Beatles deep album cuts and rarities playlist, when everything they have written, or even thought of writing has been dissected and analysed to the nth degree seemed pointless. However, not doing one when we will have covered the B-sides, rarities and outtakes from every other major band and artist would be daft. How can we not go with The Beatles? How can anyone with even a passing interest in music skip the most important band the world has ever seen?

Beatles deep album cuts

As always, we try to give a few parameters as to what is and isn’t a hit. With so many compilations released, we initially narrowed it down to the “1” album. “What about songs that were number one in New Zealand?”. What about “Penny Lane/Strawberry Fields?” which wasn’t number one in the UK but was everywhere else. Love Me Do and Please Please Me didn’t hit number one anywhere, but are hardly rarities in any sense other than it didn’t top the charts?

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However, “NOT Greatest Hits” playlists are meant to be for your entertainment. It is not a test of anyone’s research skills. So just as George Martin scrapped the boundaries for what music could be, we scraped the boundaries for what is and isn’t a Beatles deep album cut. So apologies in advance to the scores of passionate Beatles completists out there. But for just this one occasion, there are no rules. Just songs you would be genuinely surprised if you heard a Beatles tribute band play them or if they appeared in the first 50 songs a mid-level Beatles fan would list if they were asked to name Beatles songs. Even then, we let While My Guitar Gently Weeps and Helterskelter slide as they’d probably fail that test too…

Anyway, this is The Beatles NOT Greatest Hits – deep album cuts, rarities, B-sides and out-takes, as voted for by you. Yes, we did tweak it slightly… amazingly, no one had mentioned I’m Down, which is one of the coolest rocking Beatles track going and we made sure there’s something in there from the first Beatles album to their last.

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