“This song is not a rebel song.” Remembering Bloody Sunday

It’s been 45 years since the event which triggered the recording of the song “Sunday Bloody Sunday”. On this day, back in 1972, British soldiers killed 13 and wounded several unarmed participants of a peaceful protest in Derry, Northern Ireland. One of the wounded people died later, probably due to injuries inflicted during the protest. […]

U2 Release “Achtung Baby”

November 19th, 1991 saw U2 release “Achtung Baby” after the bands longest hiatus between albums. At times they even doubted they would ever release another record after “Rattle and Hum”. However in one of the greatest re-inventions in rock history, U2 entered the 1990s with an era defining album in the shape of “Achtung Baby”.
The stratospheric trajectory that U2 followed, peaking with the mega-hit that was “The Joshua Tree”, was brought to a jarring halt by the critical mauling of their curiosity album and film “Rattle and Hum”. The musical landscape was also changing rapidly, with albums like “Nevermind” and The Stone Roses debut coming out between “Rattle and Hum” and “Achtung Baby”, U2 were in real danger of becoming dinosaurs. U2 were in a strange place.

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