Tom Petty 1950 to 2017

Tom Petty departs for the Great Wide Open

Tom Petty, the much loved Californian master of rock’n’roll and leader of the band “The Heartbreakers”, was confirmed dead by his family yesterday, after a heart attack he had at his Malibu home.

On this day: Genesis’ first gig happened in a cottage 48 years ago

The reason why this gig is worth remembering is the fact that it was performed at a cottage. Yup, an actual cottage, in Wotton, Surrey.

AC/DC Live wish list – Why so underplayed? Spotify Playlist

AC/DC don’t owe us a thing, but that doesn’t stop us dreaming about some of the songs we wish we’d heard live a little more often.

Metallica’s James Hetfield is unstoppable even after a stage accident

James Hetfield is officially the toughest rocker in the world. He didn’t stop playing even after falling into an open pit on the stage! He fell but didn’t falter.

Queens of the Stone Age release a new album

“Queens of the Stone Age”, one of the greatest “stoner rock” bands (even though they reject that term), are touring and releasing their 7th studio album, “Villains”.

Welcome to Whoever You Are – the INXS UK No. 1 album

The album Welcome to Whoever You Are, released on August 2nd, 1992, went to No. 1 on the Uk album charts on August 15th. It was their first UK No.1 album. And the last, unfortunately.

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