Patti Smith tours Europe in July

After a short break, Patti Smith continues her 2017 tour in Europe in July.

Patti’s Glorious Gloria

Quite a lot of talk about Patti these days. Which is quite understandable, actually. Let’s recall one of her most glorious things. When Patti released her album “Horses” in 1975, she decided that the song with the blasphemous first line (Jesus died for somebody sins, but not mine) would become the lead of this album. Originally, “Gloria” was written by Van Morrison, but Patti made drastic alterations to the lyrics. And those lyrics remained a subject of controversy and opposite interpretations to this day. For starters, the explanation behind â€œGloria” and the controversial first line is hidden behind Pattyâ’s attitude towards religion. Back in early 1970 Patti, who was already a part of the New Yorkâ’s poet circle, wrote a poem named â€œOath”.  Its first verse was to become the first line of – â€œGloria”. However, according to Cover Me, Patty denied accusations for atheism, and explained that it was in line with her youthful rebellion. The cover song â€œGloria”, which wasnâ’t really a cover because the largest part of the song was written by Smith herself, retained gender dynamics of the original song… Precisely speaking, it became a song of a woman whoâ’s singing of another woman. According to Top Gay Songs, Patti Smithâ’s â€œGloria” got to the 19th place of the list â€œTop 50 Lesbian Songs” (whether we choose to believe or not to a list which has â€œt.A.T.u.” on the 1st place). So, maybe the explanation of gender retention of the original song was right. But, something doesnâ’t seem right at all. It wasnâ’t hard for Patti to replace the largest part of the original song with her own lyrics, but somehow it was very difficult to replace a girl with a boy. Seems a little bit deliberate move, doesnâ’t it? And do you think that Patti, who dated Robert Mapplethorpe, actually had something against homoerotic art? I know I donâ’t. Her intention seems to be clear. Still, it isnâ’t necessary to mark this particular song as a lesbian song. â€œGloria” is a glorious song, and we like to listen to it.  

Patti Smith speaks on Bob Dylan and Donâ’t Look Back

Can we talk about cool duos for a minute? Criterionâ’s got this great clip of Patti Smith waxing philosophical over Bob Dylanâ’s impact on her development as a musician. The clip is featured in Criterionâ’s 2015 re-release of Donâ’t Look Back, D. A. Pennebakerâ’s groundbreaking portrait of Dylan and his famed 1965 tour. The film, […]

Patti Smith turns 70, celebrates with Michael Stipe

Punk icon Patti Smith turned 70 yesterday. As a treat for her fans, she performed her classic album Horses in its entirety during a gig at Chicagoâ’s Riviera Theater. At one point in the evening, R.E.M. frontman Michael Stipe showed up to wish the singer a happy birthday and present her with a cake. Confetti […]

Patti Smith Celebrates Birthdays

Who could have said that Patti would become a birthday artist? Today sheâ’ll hold a concert for her own birthday celebration, as she turns 70. Sheâ’ll perform alongside her son and daughter at Riviera Theatre in Chicago. According to her own announcement, the audience will hear her album â€œHorses”. In a couple of months, Patti will celebrate another artistâ’s B-day. Philip Glass, the famous American composer, is about to turn 80 in March. He has composed music for many films, e. g.  The Hours â” as you may remember, the plot was based on the eponymous novel by Michael Cunningham which depicts Virginia Woolfâ’s struggles with writing her famous novel Mrs Dalloway. Also, the list of movies with Glassâ’s soundtrack includes Bent, The Illusionist, Notes on a Scandal, Stoker, Elena, Leviathan. So, Patti will sing at the event which will be a double celebration, of Glassâ’ birthday and the 30th anniversary of Tibet House US, a non-profit organisation which was founded by Glass, Richard Gere and professor Robert Truman. They did it at the bidding of the 14th Dalai Lama, to arouse audience interest for Tibetâ’s culture, tradition and philosophy. Patti Smith, who performed at the Nobel Prize Ceremony in 2016 with Dylanâ’s   â€œA Hard Rainâ’s A-Gonna Fall”, will participate at Tibet House US Benefit Concert together with Iggy Pop, Laurie Anderson and other well-known artists. This event will take place on March 16, 2017 at New Yorkâ’s Carnegie Hall.

Patti Smith accepts Bob Dylan’s Nobel Peace Prize, performs “A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall”

On Saturday, the Swedish Academy honored the 2016 Nobel Peace Prize winners in a ceremony held in Stockholm. The awards winner for literature, Bob Dylan, was not in attendance due to scheduling conflicts. Patti Smith, who appeared in place of the legendary songwriter, was accompanied by the Philharmonic performing a sparse, sensitive version of Dylan’s […]

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