Why did you ruin the Paleo gig, Liam Gallagher?

On July 26th, 2000, Liam really crossed the line. Other musicians and the media representatives aside, he offended their own fans.

Liam Gallagher’s “As You Were” – from “Oasis” to a solo

Liam Gallagher’s solo album ’’As you were’’ is finally released, just like he promised. Is it any better than “Oasis”? Or just different?

Definitely Maybe: definitely among the greatest, maybe not the greatest

Many fans think Definitely Maybe is the best Oasis album. Exactly eleven years ago it was voted the greatest album of all time in a survey conducted by NME magazine.

We Still Love “Oasis”, Even Though The Gallaghers Don’t

For many people, the Gallagher brothers are still the synonym of “Oasis”. Not so fair to the other members of the band, but well… Liam (vocal and tambourine) and Noel (lead guitar, vocal and songwriter) are still regarded as the most popular members of the worldwide popular Britpop band that is no more. Why were they so […]

Two Decades of “Blur” (The Album)

Itâ’s been 20 years since Blur released their fifth studio album Blur. This album was a little bit different from the previous ones. The influence of American indie rock, confirmed by the bandâ’s guitarist Graham Coxon, made the difference. Some thought it wasnâ’t a smart idea, but the album was a success. The first single „Beetlebum“ […]

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