Ridley Scott turns 80 today

It’s been exactly eight decades since the birth of Ridley Scott. There’s hardly a person who hasn’t seen at least one of two movies that have marked the century – the SF horror Alien, and the dystopian cyberpunk Bladerunner. Scott’s beginnings weren’t exactly fame and fortune. Before Alien, he had a failure with his previous […]

Remembering Wendie Jo Sperber (Linda McFly from Back to the Future)

Twelve years ago Wendie Jo Sperber died of breast cancer which had been diagnosed eight years earlier. She was 47 years old. Do you remember her role in the SF comedy Back to the Future? Although Linda McFly is not one of the main characters of the movie, you should remember her; Wendie played the […]

In honour of Yaphet Kotto, the “Alien” actor, on his 78th birthday

The American actor Yaphet Kotto was born 78 years ago. He was made famous by his role of engineer Parker in Ridley Scott’s famous SF horror “Alien” (1979).

Kevin Pollak (“Usual Suspects”) celebrates his 60th birthday

Kevin Pollak, A.K.A. Todd Hockney in “The Usual Suspects”, celebrates his 60th birthday today.

Carrie Fisher would have been 61 today

On October 21st, 1956, Carrie Fisher was born. She was probably best known as an actress, but she was a writer and humorist as well.

Two months left until Star Wars: The Last Jedi

For the Star Wars fans, the end of the year 2017 will be marked by the upcoming Episode VIII – The Last Jedi. It will hit the screens on December 15th.

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