The Number of the Beast – 36th anniversary

It’s been nearly 38 years, and we’re old enough to cherish the memory. On April 14, 1980, British band Iron Maiden released their first studio album, aptly named – Iron Maiden. But today we also want to recall March 22, 1982. That was the date when their third album, The Number of the Beast was […]

Happy birthday, Bruce Dickinson!

Happy 59th birthday, Bruce Dickinson! Keep making our ears bleed.

The Crushing Power Of Four Iron Strings

Today we celebrate the 61st birthday of Steve Harris, the legendary “Iron Maiden” bass player and main songwriter.

He is also the band’s back vocalist, keyboards player, producer and video director.

Oh yes, and he also plays football. Just for fun.

Steve’s personal story is, naturally, tightly connected to that of the band he founded. He is the only band member that has participated in every single “Maiden” album. His “galloping” playing style is one of the band’s most distinctive elements.

“Piece of Mind” released by Iron Maiden

Piece of Mind, the fourth studio album by British heavy metal band Iron Maiden, was released on May 16th 1983. It was the first album to feature what is now widely considered the definitive Iron Maiden line-up of Steve Harris, Bruce Dickinson, Adrian Smith, Dave Murray and new drummer Nicko McBrain. It features the classic Iron Maiden tracks, “Flight of Icarus” and “The Trooper”

Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden is Born

Paul Bruce Dickinson, the Author, DJ and Iron Maiden singer, was born on August 7, 1958, in the Nottinghamshire mining town of Worksop. Although Bruce Dickinson’s real first name is Paul, he was known as “Bruce” to all his friends, only his parents and grandparents would call him “Paul”. In his own word his upbringing was unconventional.

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