Radiohead was born On A Friday

On August 8th, 1991, a band called On A Friday did one of their numerous gigs in the Jericho Tavern in Oxford. They were counting down the days until they would give their band another name – the one that now rings the bell in every indie-loving ear.

Why did you ruin the Paleo gig, Liam Gallagher?

On July 26th, 2000, Liam really crossed the line. Other musicians and the media representatives aside, he offended their own fans.

Curtis’ Agony of the Eternal Suffering

It’s been almost 30 years since we lost one of the greatest musician and songwriters ever. On this day in 1980 Ian Curtis committed suicide. Joy Division made only two studio albums but made a huge impact on the music scene. Since Ian ended all of it in the most tragic way, we’ll never know what […]

Six Years Of “The King Of Limbs”

Six years ago, the world saw Radiohead’s 8th studio album, “The King Of Limbs” for the first time. What can we say about it? Except for the fact that it was considered the best album of the year by many publications, nominated for five categories and a lot of copies got sold. When Radiohead announce a new album, […]

Two Decades of “Blur” (The Album)

Itâ’s been 20 years since Blur released their fifth studio album Blur. This album was a little bit different from the previous ones. The influence of American indie rock, confirmed by the bandâ’s guitarist Graham Coxon, made the difference. Some thought it wasnâ’t a smart idea, but the album was a success. The first single „Beetlebum“ […]

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