David Bowie deep album cuts

David Bowie – NOT Greatest Hits

David Bowie deep album cuts I like straight forward things. AC/DC and Ramones are straightforward. Cheese and pickle sandwiches are straight forward. Walking the dog, riding a bike and falling off logs are all also nice straightforward things. Something that isn’t straight forward? Trying to pull a playlist of David Bowie deep album cuts. But […]

James Williamson teaches us to be AWESOME

James Williamson Tied with his sometime Stooges bandmate in my list of favourite guitarists EVER is James Williamson. Iggy Pop may be (ok, sure as hell IS) THE King of Detroit and Alice Cooper the Godfather, but James Williamson sure as hell has a place in the court. And here he teaches us to do […]

“Call me Jimmy or Iggy or Piggy, call me Ji-Iggy, call me Iggy.”

Alright, here it goes. All of us know that your real name is James Newell Osterberg, Jr., but let’s face it, that is lame. We know you and love you as Iggy Pop. And guess what? Iggy Pop turns 70 today. How about that?

This American singer-songwriter, musician, producer and actor is known to be the frontman of the band The Stooges, and infamous by his erratic stage behaviour.

Trainspotting turns 20, reissues soundtrack

Itâ’s hard to believe that Trainspotting is 20 years old. Danny Boyleâ’s 1996 smash hit struck a chord with casual movie goers and film buffs alike, gaining almost instant cult classic status and an academy award nomination to boot. The stylish tale of lust and drug abuse made Boyle a marquee name with good reason: […]

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