The Number of the Beast – 36th anniversary

It’s been nearly 38 years, and we’re old enough to cherish the memory. On April 14, 1980, British band Iron Maiden released their first studio album, aptly named – Iron Maiden. But today we also want to recall March 22, 1982. That was the date when their third album, The Number of the Beast was […]

“Mötley Crüe” released their debut album 35 years ago

“Too Fast for Love” was “Mötley Crüe”‘s debut album and it was released on this day, in 1982. The album consisted of 10 songs and received mostly positive reviews. “Too Fast for Love” was also the earliest of seven “Mötley Crüe” albums in a row to become gold or platinum.

Happy birthday, Bruce Dickinson!

Happy 59th birthday, Bruce Dickinson! Keep making our ears bleed.

“We wanted Ferraris, blondes and switchblades.” – Alice Cooper

“Pretties for You” is a debut album by Alice Cooper, released 48 years ago, when Alice Cooper was the name of the band, rather than the man.

Bloody Roots Indeed!

An interested and important album was released 21 years ago. This day saw the release of the sixth studio album of Brazilian metal masters “Sepultura”. “Roots” meant revolution, something wild and crazy, but also something thoroughly enjoyable. This album also earned its place in the history as a turning point in this band’s career. “Roots” […]

Happy Birthday, Lars Ulrich!

Lars Ulrich, “Metallica”â’s drummer and co-founder, was born on this day 53 years ago, in Gentofte Kommune (Municipality), Capital Region in Denmark. Lars comes from a tennis family. His grandfather and father were tennis players and Lars also followed their steps while he was a nipper and a teenager. The main reason why Lars moved […]

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