Sixty years of plucking the Rickenbacker 4000

This year marks the 60th anniversary of the Rickermaster 4000 bass.

Metallica’s James Hetfield is unstoppable even after a stage accident

James Hetfield is officially the toughest rocker in the world. He didn’t stop playing even after falling into an open pit on the stage! He fell but didn’t falter.

Happy 68th Birthday, Mark Knopfler!

On August 12th, 1949, the singer and guitarist of Dire Straits, the man who wrote all of their songs, was born. Happy birthday, Mark!

Santana’s (not Devadip’s) 70th birthday

Happy 70th B-day, Devadip Santana!

The second coming of the Vikings (a.k.a. Happy birthday, Yngwie)

Yngwie was born as Lars Johan Yngve Lannerbäck on June 30th, 1963 in Stockholm, Sweden.

Dire Straits and their not-so-dire “Communiqué” album

“Communiqué” was released 38 years ago, and it is generally considered one of the band’s weaker albums, mainly because they relied heavily on the success of their eponymous debut. Even Knopfler himself wasn’t too pleased with this album, calling it “just another bunch of songs.”

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