“From The Ashes A Fire Shall Be Woken”

There could hardly be a more significant date in the history of rock music than December 4, 1971. That’s when the Montreux Casino in Switzerland burnt to the ground during a Frank Zappa’s concert. This incident was to be immortalised in “Deep Purple”s “Smoke On The Water”, which is kind of a rock Bible and […]

Frank and Ruth

The fact that anyone can play any kind of music in any way close to the skills required by Frank Zappaâ’s band is mind blowing. Check out the talent by the musicians displayed in the clip linked below. The film clip is from Roxy the Movie (2015) the tune is Medley: Echidna’s Arf (Of You) […]

Blank on Blank – Frank Zappa

Blank on Blank is a Brooklyn-based studio, in collaboration with PBS, that uses animated short films to present lost or forgotten interviews. “Famous names, lost interviews” is their tagline. Frank Zappa talks about fads in this one: NY City vs. L.A., politics, shoes â” itâ’s all fair game here. Even womenâ’s liberation (uh, the interview […]

Zappa asked “Does Humour belong in Music?”

Answer…You bet!   But, is the music serious? Answer…Yes! Frank Zappa and his music are too deep, to sum up in just a few words. So here are a few more words; blistering guitar, lowbrow, highbrow, satirical, conservative, radical, funny, concerned, workaholic, American, intellect, inspiring, positive, clever, talented… If this doesnâ’t help explain Zappa, perhaps […]

It’s Frank Friday

Today on Frank Friday, Mr Zappa discusses the Illuminati before it became fodder from tin foil hat wearers and 3rd rate authors

Does Humour belong in Music? An ode to Frank Zappa

Does Humour belong in Music? You bet!  Is the music serious? Yes. Where do you go to consume it?  Well, perhaps… Sometimes you’ll go to a pizza place, You go to Sharkey’s to get that American kind of pizza, That has the ugly, waxy, fake yellow kind, Of yellow Cheese on the top… Frank Zappa […]

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