The day Aleister Crowley “Took His Gin With His Mescaline”

Aleister Crowley, one of the most influential people of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, died 70 years ago.

Good old Space Oddity (in and out of space)

One of the most famous David Bowie’s songs hit the air for the first time on this day, 48 years ago.

From the terrible “David Bowie” to the legendary David Bowie

Bowie’s self-titled debut album was released half a century ago.

Time Travel March 1st

First of March in 1974, saw Queen commence their first headlining UK tour at The Winter Garden’s Blackpool.  This began a tremendous era for the heavy rock, metal, folk, progressive band.  Enough styles of music in one set to send you Stone Cold Crazy you know? This footage is from the same tour but later in […]

20 Years Ago Bowie Got A Star In Hollywood (Not That He Called For It)

Let’s admit it. We don’t really care about the star. Neither did Bowie, we take it. We’re just looking for a reason to listen to Bowie. And, while we’re at that, to remember one of his lesser known musical numbers, that would add another layer of irony to this occasion. It was originally written as […]

BBC Two premiers new David Bowie documentary

It may have flown right under your radar, but last weekend BBC Two premiered David Bowie: The Last Five Years on Saturday night. The documentary covers, as the title suggests, the artistâ’s last five years on Earth, including the release of his comeback album The Next Day, the creation of his final album Blackstar, and […]

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