Dee Dee Ramone grave at Hollywood Forever Cemetery - Rock Star Graves

Rock Star Graves

Isn’t visiting the graves of people you’ve never met just a bit creepy? But what if they are Rock Star Graves? That’s homage, right? Visiting Rock Star Graves paying your respects to your heroes. Well, that’s how I’m looking at it. Back in the mid 80s, I managed to persuade with my parents to sign […]

Willie Nelson tours the U.S.

Despite his age (he is 84, by the way), this man shows no signs of fatigue.

Happy Birthday, Robert Allen Zimmerman

One of the greatest performers that music ever begot, Bob Dylan, was born on this day, 76 years ago.

Johnny Cash In Black

Is it polite to wish a happy birthday to a dead man? If the man is Johnny Cash, we can hardly claim he isn’t with us anymore. J. R. Cash was born 85 years ago. He is widely known as a country singer-songwriter. But his impact on other genres, including rock & roll, rockabilly, blues, […]

Dolly Parton’s Jolene played at 33rpm is just beautiful

I loved the White Stripes version of Jolene as it added so much more depth to Dolly Parton’s fairly standard original, but put Dolly on 33rpm and holy moly… thanks to Parton’s impeccable vocals there’s no distortion, just a haunting vocal that if simply beautiful. Anyway, give yourself 10 minutes to listen to all three […]

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