Samaritans Christmas Card

Giving Tuesday – Samaritans Charity Christmas Cards

Do you still send Christmas cards? We do hope so, as cards are so much nicer than a text or a Facebook message. I know that there are people out there that delight in joylessly emailing the whole office or posting on social media something pious like “I will not be sending Christmas cards this […]

Every time a bell rings, an angel get’s their wings

It’s Christmas Eve so what on earth are you doing online read this? Put on It’s A Wonderful Life and hug someone you love. Happy Christmas people x

Yippe Kay Yay

The world is split into two sorts of people – those that agree that Die Hard is a Christmas movie and those that are wrong

If you’ve never seen Bad Santa then what’s wrong with you?

Get the whiskey in and give Mrs Santa’s sister a call, it’s Bad Santa time

Len Price 3 give us their Mod Power Pop take on the festive season

Mod-tinged power poppers The Len Price 3 give up their take on the festive season and it sounds a lot more fun than Cliff Richard

Bad Santa 2 is OUT TODAY – let the party begin (warning, trailer is NSFW)

Wooo hoooo… the sequel to one of the three greatest Christmas movies ever made is out today

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