Robert Johnson, “the man who sold his soul”

To the Devil. On the crossroads. Hopefully, this story is just the legend. Or is it. Does anyone have the right to make such soul crushing music without some secret pact with the Prince of Darkness? Nah, it can’t be truth. But that interpretation of the Faustian legend is so interesting and captivating that we […]

Forty years of Rory Gallagher Rockpalast concert

Ah, it’s that time of the year again. End of the year, a time when we are settling scores and remember past times. But no one can forbid us to remember things that had happened before we were even born, right? Of course not. So, 40 years ago, namely in 1977, one of the world’s […]

Strictly personal – half a century with Captain Beefheart

This month, we celebrate the 50th anniversary of “The Magic Band” first release, “Safe as Milk”.

Are You Experienced? Half A Century Of Hendrix’ Great Album

How to recognise a great rock album? Are there any methods that can determine good from great? Great from legendary?

Johnny Cash In Black

Is it polite to wish a happy birthday to a dead man? If the man is Johnny Cash, we can hardly claim he isn’t with us anymore. J. R. Cash was born 85 years ago. He is widely known as a country singer-songwriter. But his impact on other genres, including rock & roll, rockabilly, blues, […]

Happy Birthday, Janis!

Had she lived past those turbulent times which took so many talented musicians, Janis would have turned 74 today. The power of Janisâ’ voice witnessed and supported so many of the events of the 70s anti-war movement, when it culminated, crowding youth in the U.S. and inspiring protests in many European countries. Even the socialist ones, like Yugoslavia. Her music expressed the zeitgeist, just like Peter Watkins⒠“Punishment Park” did on the big screen. She screamed and roared to a mad war world in an endless battle for humanity. If you ever wondered how was it, what happened, what was done, how you would have felt if you were there â” the sound of her voice will tell you. This is her legacy for our anaesthetized generations. When Peggy Caserta told us about her relationship with Janis, it wasn’t surprising at all. Janis was an embodiment of a free spirit, who wonâ’t be bothered with any rules. Janis was inspired by power female artists such as Bessie Smith (who was also quite fond of women). Her drug addiction (she was shooting heroin and drinking heavily during the 10-hour wait before she took the stage), the myth of the 27 club and fast life put an early end to this outstanding, but brief career. She would have been the coolest granny of the world today. If you havenâ’t done this already, check out these awesome documentaries about Janis.  

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