Alien had its debut nearly 40 years ago. The first Alien, of course

Nearly 40 years ago the original Alien had its debut. It was on May 25th, 1979. It was quite an event you probably didn’t attend, so it’s better to refer you to a link where you can read the impressions from someone who attended that awesome premiere. Check this out, there’s Lisa Morton’s experience and […]

John Hurt would have been 78 today

May we ask you to wish a happy birthday to John Hurt, even though he is not with us any more. He died last year, and the dates of his death and his birthday are close, but we have chosen to give John a mention on the latter. Many respectful people from the movie world […]

Ridley Scott turns 80 today

It’s been exactly eight decades since the birth of Ridley Scott. There’s hardly a person who hasn’t seen at least one of two movies that have marked the century – the SF horror Alien, and the dystopian cyberpunk Bladerunner. Scott’s beginnings weren’t exactly fame and fortune. Before Alien, he had a failure with his previous […]

In honour of Yaphet Kotto, the “Alien” actor, on his 78th birthday

The American actor Yaphet Kotto was born 78 years ago. He was made famous by his role of engineer Parker in Ridley Scott’s famous SF horror “Alien” (1979).

38 Years Since We Got Alien-ated

Ever since its release 38 years ago, this film somehow manages to scare generations of the viewers all around the world.

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