Bathsheba Wall by Ray Zell - Episode 2

Episode 2 – Stairways and Highways

BATHSHEBA WALL (AND HER REVOLVING DOOR IN ROCK N’ ROLL TIME) – EPISODE 2 – By Ray Zell Welcome to the latest episode of Bathsheba Wall (and her revolving door in rock n’ roll time) by the creator of Kerrang magazine’s Pandora Peroxide, Ray Zell So that’s where Jimmy Page REALLY got the idea for […]

Dee Dee Ramone grave at Hollywood Forever Cemetery - Rock Star Graves

Rock Star Graves

Isn’t visiting the graves of people you’ve never met just a bit creepy? But what if they are Rock Star Graves? That’s homage, right? Visiting Rock Star Graves paying your respects to your heroes. Well, that’s how I’m looking at it. Back in the mid 80s, I managed to persuade with my parents to sign […]

AC/DC Live wish list – Why so underplayed? Spotify Playlist

AC/DC don’t owe us a thing, but that doesn’t stop us dreaming about some of the songs we wish we’d heard live a little more often.

Bon Scott

When Ronald Bon Scott says “Iâ’ll tell you another story, Iâ’ll tell you another lie” it is sung with such conviction – you believe.  When Bon Scott raises his fist, mic in hand, lead pulled tight and urges you to “Come On!” – you feel you alone can take on an army. Bon had an […]

Is It Really The End Of The AC/DC Era?

Back in high school I had a friend who was absolutely in love with “AC/DC”. Completely and honestly, as only a teenager can be. I guess even his alphabet started with ACDCEFG… Whenever he turned on his mobile phone, the four letters would show on the welcome screen. So, I took his phone once and changed the greeting note into “ACDC sucks”. Of course, I didn’t mean that. Just wanted to annoy him. Which I couldn’t do. No matter how many times I did my little prank, he would always change the message back, with the patience of a Buddhist monk. A true devotion. A true friendship. As you probably know, there is not much left of the “AC/DC” nowadays. Actually, only one original member is still in the band. Only Angus Young. Brian Johnson had to leave the band because of health issues and got replaced by Axl Rose. All of this fuss was to be followed by a controversy, as he reportedly felt “betrayed” with the way the band treated his hearing problems. Recently, Cliff Williams confirmed his retirement. “Itâ’s time for me to step out, thatâ’s all. Not because weâ’ve lost Mal, Phil or Brian, everything changes when something happens like that. When Bon died it changed then, everything changes, so itâ’s not that” said he. So, is there any future for one of the best hard-rock bands that ever shook the Earth? Can Angus and Axl just pick it up and continue on their own? I don’t know. Maybe we should ask my friend.

Angus Young Simply Perfect

Angus Young and AC/DC are just simply perfect.  Yeah, there may be guitarists out there with more tricks like Joe Satch or quick classical inspired riffs like Yngwie, but as great as such players are â” few have had the appeal Angus has.  In part, it is the Keep It Simple Stupid philosophy that grabs […]

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