“Suicide Blonde” Is Old, But The Band Is Older – Happy 40th Anniversary

It’s been 4 decades since “The Farriss Brothers” started rocking in Sydney.

It wasn’t fair to call the band after Farrisses, while the most charismatic person, the vocalist Michael Hutchence, wasn’t one of the brothers. So, they changed the band’s name to INXS, and the road to stardom opened.

Let’s listen to one of the most popular songs, the first single from their album “X”, and remember a few quick facts that you have likely forgotten (it was long time ago, after all, and we aren’t getting any younger).

“Suicide Blonde” marked the year 1990.

What inspired it, the lyrics, the spirit? Who was the Suicide Blonde?

There are rumours about it, so we donâ’t really know for sure.

The song was written by Hutchence and keyboardist, back vocalist and main composer Andrew Farriss.

Hutchenceâ’s girlfriend at the time was Kylie Minogue. While working on the film “The Delinquents” in 1989, she had to dye her hair blonde for the role (an extreme sacrifice on her part, we believe, wink wink). At the premiere, when she showed up with Hutchence, she appeared almost unrecognisable, and thereâ’s a story that her blonde wig gave her the name. So, that could have been the inspiration for Hutchence to write the song.

Now, whether it was an ironic anticipation of his later suicide in 1997, we wouldn’t know.

Hereâ’s a part of the atmosphere from that night of Kylie’s premiere.

The song was released in September and instantly hit the charts. It reached the number 9 on the US Hot 100. Number one in Canada, number 2 in Australia, number 11 in the UK.

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A little bit of live performance won’t hurt either.

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