Two months left until Star Wars: The Last Jedi

For all the Star Wars fans, the end of the year 2017 will be marked by the upcoming Star Wars: The Last Jedi. It will hit the screens on December 15th.

Here’s the trailer, for a handful of you who might not have seen it.

So, what to expect?

Episode VIII is a part of the sequel trilogy. We saw the first part, The Force Awakens, two years ago. Was it good? Yes. Particularly good? Not really. And by that, we just mean that the previous episodes were slightly better. It was not a failure. But it was like watching an action movie that takes place in a galaxy far, far away. In another word – a high-level action movie. (Or is this just nostalgia speaking? You know, back in my days…)

Having that in mind, we don’t expect Star Wars: The Last Jedi to be too different. Same thing with the Episode IX announced for the December 20th, 2019, for that matter.

This doesn’t mean we are not looking forward to the Episode VIII of the legendary space opera. If it is to be an action film, it will probably be a good one, worth watching. Besides, we will see the excellent acting team again. The hardest part will be watching Carrie Fisher in her final Star Wars film.

SDCC 2015 - Carrie Fisher (19674626392)

As you probably remember, she died last December. Princess Leia will extend her life for a while in the upcoming film. After that, she’ll stay alive only in our hearts.

So, we’ll see some frisky action and Carrie Fischer as Princess Leia for the last time, that’s for sure. If we get to see something more, we would be even happier.

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We are waiting for December impatiently. Surprise us, Walt Disney!

Oh, and here are some analytical comments on the trailer. Entirely rant-free!

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