Slash teaches us to play Slither by Velvet Revolver

Slash Guitar Lesson

In our first “Guitar Lessons With Rock Stars” post of course we had to go with Slash. Why? You really need to ask why? Because he’s a bone fide goddamn rock n’ roll guitar hero. That’s why. Actually, that’s not entirely why. It’s also because he is a bone fide goddamn rock n’ roll guitar hero that wears loads of BathroomWall T-shirts. And we don’t mean just one or two. No, our favourite cat in the hat, has dozens of them and he wears them because he loves them.

Slither by Velvet Revolver

Anyway, here is Slash teaching us to play Slither by Velvet Revolver…

Son of BathroomWall’s First Gig

Wait, what? Velvet Revolver? Yes, Velvet Revolver and here’s why. Firstly, every man and his dog can play Paradise City or Sweet Child O Mine (and frequently do in guitar shops the world over) and so we wanted something different. Secondly, Velvet Revolver were the first band that I took Son of BathroomWall to see live. Managed to sneak him in downstairs at Brixton Academy as he was technically too young for the standing are and he was hooked. So Slash, Duff, Matt, Dave and the late Scott Weiland are to blame for the rock n’ roll beast he is today. And thirdly, who wouldn’t want a Slash guitar lesson?

Son of BathroomWall’s first ever gig (we’re standing stage right about 10 metres back)

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Slash – BathroomWall T-shirt Wearer of the Century

Although we know for certain that he has at least a dozen of our T-shirts, we know you like evidence of such things, so here you go.
Slash wearing a BathroomWall T-shirtSlash wearing a BathroomWall T-shirt on French TVAxl Rose and Slash wearing a BathroomWall T-shirt at the soundcheck for first reunion showSlash wears a BathroomWall T-shirt on stage

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