Six Years Of “The King Of Limbs”

Six years ago, the world saw Radiohead’s 8th studio album, “The King Of Limbs” for the first time.

What can we say about it? Except for the fact that it was considered the best album of the year by many publications, nominated for five categories and a lot of copies got sold.

When Radiohead announce a new album, it’s not a mere truism. We always expect something really new. “The King Of Limbs” was no exception. “We didn’t want to pick up guitars and write chord sequences. We didn’t want to sit in front of a computer either. We wanted a third thing, which involved playing and programming.” said Jonny Greenwood.

The album brought us only eight songs which sounded like an evolution of directions that had been explored while making the previous albums. For example, “Codex” reminds of “Pyramid Song”, while “Separator” is closer to something from the ’90â’s Radiohead period.

The album is good, no doubt about that. But not one of our personal favourites. I feel like thereâ’s not enough of the band’s signature. Somethingâ’s missing. Itâ’s like they were exploring and trying to find a clue for the next step in their evolution. You don’t have to agree with this, of course. In any case, “The King Of Limbs” is an album worth listening, just like any other album of this extraordinary band.


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