Sissy Spacek from De Palma’s Carrie turns 68 today


Today, we would like to wish a happy birthday to American actress Mary Elizabeth Spacek, known as Sissy Spacek.

This lady is 68 years old now, and since her career started in the ’70s, you don’t have to be good in math to conclude that her career has been a respectively long one. That means she has played in many movies and she has been recognised and awarded for her work many times. Here, we would like to focus on one of her groundbreaking roles.

You have probably seen Brian de Palma’s movie Carrie. If you haven’t, than you should. You should read Stephen King‘s eponymous novel as well (if you haven’t yet, of course). A coming-of-age story with a Kingian twist – no one wants to miss that. Now when we are done with giving you a home work, let’s get back to Sissy Spacek and the movie.

The movie hit the screen a long time ago, in 1976. Sissy was young back then, young enough to play a teenage girl, and talented enough to do a great job playing that demanding role. Carrie White is not your ordinary teenage girl. She is not even ordinarily anxious.

She’s shy and insecure, she has a crazy mother, hard times at school and supernatural powers to make a terrible, bloody mess when she cuts them loose to revenge for all the suffering. Look at her face, her eyes, and dare to say it wasn’t a high level performance.

Don’t mess with the outsiders! You never know if they have telekinetic and telepathic abilities.

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Sissy had a tough competition for the role. Even Melanie Griffith was in the race, and she was considered a diva. We don’t know if Sissy’s appearance with a hair rubbed with Vaseline, dirty face and silly sailor dress on the screen test was helpful, but she got the role.

Stephen King’s Carrie has been adapted many times after 1976, but the original adaptations are always special. And we have a lot to thank Sissy Spacek for the timeless appeal of this cult film. She was a hell of a destroyer!

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