Why did you ruin the Paleo gig, Liam Gallagher?

Liam Gallagher has a really nice voice, but he just loves to use it the wrong way.

Oasis is a famous band, not just for the music they have made, but also for the problems and struggles. As we know, a lot of fights have been going on between the Gallagher brothers. Many other bands members and media representatives have been offended by them over the years.

Mostly by Liam Gallagher, to be precise.

Let’s recall an unpleasant situation that occurred 17 years ago. Noel wasn’t even present at Paleo Festival in Switzerland in 2000. He didn’t want to perform alongside his brother outside Britain and Ireland.
A good decision it was, because on July 26th, 2000, Liam really crossed the line. Other musicians and the media representatives aside, he offended their own fans. If you want to hear how things were going before Liam screwed it up, the link’s up there. (If you want to hear just the offensive part, move forward to 23:14.)

The audience didn’t hide their discontent. Bottles flew to the stage. There were more than 35.000 people there, so no wonder the members of Oasis felt so threatened that they went to the British consulate in Geneva to make sure they could get out of Switzerland safely.

When the fans went mad, the band went off the stage and refused to come back if the crowd wouldn’t calm down. The attempts to end the concert failed after two more songs, as the barrage of insults from both ends wouldn’t cease.
Oasis blamed the part of the audience who threw stuff at the stage.

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“A small group ruined it for the real fans,” they said in a statement.

But the festival organisers had a different point of view. They blamed Liam Gallagher for the incident, claiming he had an arrogant and provocative attitude. They also said the band’s reaction was paranoid. “As far as the Paleo Festival organisers are concerned, Oasis’s decision to cut short their concert was totally irrational and the result of a paranoid reaction by the group, and not based on a calm analysis of the situation.”

Fair enough. Liam was the one who triggered off the mess. He could’ve apologised at least. However, we don’t think anyone expected that. It’s Liam Gallagher we’re talking about here.

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