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In this first instalment of “Not Greatest Hits”, we present The Rolling Stones. Before I started this one I Googled “Rolling Stones deep album cuts” and right up top in the first couple of listings I found lists that included Midnight Rambler. Yes, the Stones’ 11th most played song live and only missing from 3 of their last 100 live appearances. So I quickly gave up on all those existing deep album cuts lists and started again.

Rolling Stones NOT Greatest Hits playlist


The Greatest Rock N’ Roll Band – Rolling Stones deep album cuts

You’ll not find many that will argue about the Rolling Stones being the greatest rock n’ roll band that has ever strapped on a guitar. Mick Jagger is the front man by which all others are measured, Keith Richards is the very definition of rock n’ roll. They went from pasty faced kids from Kent to creating the formula by which all other singer/guitarists are judged. Sure, other bands come into the conversation. The Beatles of course, but they were a different beast, and we certainly wouldn’t challenge their status.

The Who, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and Fleetwood Mac are feted as baby boomers gods. Queen divide opinion, but to their fans, they are at the very top table. Black Sabbath and AC/DC get mentioned, and to the west of the Pond, you’ll get cheerleaders for the Beach Boys and even The Doors, while The Eagles Greatest Hits has sold more copies than any other album bar Thriller.

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All the cool kids will make their cash for Ramones and The Clash, and there will be others too, but surely polling a long way down – I even know someone that with a straight face tells me that Journey is. So after 246 years of packing stadiums around the world, no one really argues with the Rolling Stones.

Where to Start

I appreciate he Rolling Stones have more compilation albums released than most bands have recorded actual songs. That makes it all too easy to start with Jumping Jack Flash, (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction, Brown Sugar and get no more obscure than Street Fighting Man. And why not? (No, it is not because You Can’t Always Get What You Want). It is because the Rolling Stones have more Class A tracks than Keith Richards has had errrr… Class As. Yet by doing so we skip so many cracking tunes. Hey, I’m as guilty as anyone here. I always put on Exile On Main Street or Some Girls and rarely get much further if I get in a Rolling Stones mood. If I want something earlier than I will almost certainly put on Rolled Gold (my favourite of the 978 available). That said, the Rolling Stones have been around longer than the wheel, so there are still plenty of Rolling Stones deep album cuts to go around.

More to Come

The deep album cuts from all of these other bands will come.  However, for now, let’s start at the top, with the Rolling Stones deep album cuts. The tracks from the greatest rock n’ roll band the world has ever seen that aren’t Honky Tonk Woman.  Right, now Start Me Up… (ok, not really) as we take you from blues covers band to stadium fillers…

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