Ridley Scott turns 80 today

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It’s been exactly eight decades since the birth of Ridley Scott. There’s hardly a person who hasn’t seen at least one of two movies that have marked the century – the SF horror Alien, and the dystopian cyberpunk Bladerunner.

Scott’s beginnings weren’t exactly fame and fortune. Before Alien, he had a failure with his previous movie The Duellists. Well, failure is maybe a hard word. It just wasn’t particularly successful in the U.S. Admittedly, Scott won the award for the best debut movie at the Cannes Festival. (Yeah, we know. Europe’s just different.)

But the real success was his next movie – Alien. By then, Ridley Scott had recognised the importance of making expensive movies brimming with special effects to achieve commercial success. So, he accepted to work on Alien, and it finally happened the way he wanted it to happen – it ascended the stairway to stardom. Not just that – the movie quickly became a classic.

After the original movie from 1979, a few more Aliens were made (Aliens in 1986, Alien 3 in 1992, Alien Resurrection in 1997), but Ridley Scott didn’t make them. However, he directed the prequel series Prometheus from 2012 and Alien: Covenant from this year. He later said the original movie was perfect – the rest was just marketing tricks. We tend to agree with that. It’s sad that many young people have never seen the original Alien.

Alien from 1979 was great, the following ones were (meh) OK, but any sequels to come would be too much. It just would not be the same story anymore. What does Ridley think about it? Let’s see.

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The alien creature connects all the parts made so far, but it seems that it’s done its part.

Oh. We also admire Bladerunner and Thelma & Louise, while tending to forget The Gladiator and all the rest. As for the Apple Mac 1984 commercial, well… We know one has to put bread on a table, but an apple?

Anyhoo – we love you, Ridley, but we love your two films more.

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