Remembering Lawrence Tierney

On this day, 16 years ago, Lawrence Tierney died. So let’s pay him some due respect.

What’s your favourite role of his? One of ours is the one from Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs. In this cult movie from 1992 Lawrence Tierney was Joe Cabot, the boss.

Joe Cabot is a mastermind behind a diamond heist. As an experienced criminal, he’s quite cruel, the police desperately want to catch him, but at the same time he has a soft human side.

We’ve just realized that this sounds like a cliché – a hardcore criminal with a good heart somewhere beneath all the harshness of soul, but we all know that Tarantino has always been capable of making something unique using a cliché. Joe Cabot is not an exception.

Lawrence Tierney did a great job playing the leader and kind of a father figure to the rest of crew (he really was Nice Guy Eddie’s dad, though). The reason might be the fact that Lawrence was a problem-maker in real life as well – he was arrested more than once for inappropriate behaviour and assaults.

He caused some problems during the shooting as well. Remember the line where Mr. White says to Mr. Pink: “I need you cool. Are you cool?”

Well, that was actually something that Tarantino had said to Lawrence with an intention to end the conflict between him and Michael Madsen and go on with the shooting. It was so good that it had to be added to the script, obviously.

Easily distractable and prone to forgetting his lines, Lawrence Tierney gave some difficult times to the rest of the team, but we are sure that Tarantino has never regretted the decision to grant him the role.

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