Remembering a handful of Harvey Keitel’s bad guys

Harvey Keitel Cannes 2015

Today, on May 13th, Harvey Keitel celebrates his 79th birthday.

His acting career started with Martin Scorsese, and it was almost over with, or rather without Francis Ford Coppola, because he had a hard time after he was fired and replaced at the beginning of shooting Apocalypse Now. Many episode roles would follow, but Quentin Tarantino brought his career back to life by giving him the role of Mr. White in Reservoir Dogs.

Remember him? Sure you do.

Those episode roles we mentioned, well, many them were the roles of the bad guys. Luckily, in 1992 he finally got the chance to enact one of the main roles and show how well he had learned to play criminal.

We all know that Tarantino tends to cooperate with some actors more than once, and Harvey Keitel was one of them.

We are sure you remember Winston Wolf from Pulp Fiction too. Who wouldn’t remember the guy whose job is to take care of the dead bodies and the mess that killing people could make?

We suppose Tarantino loved the way Keitel played the man dealing with crises, so he gave him another weird crisis to deal with as Jakob – the only one who can do something about crazy vampire attacks.

For once, he was not a bad guy here. Although being a priest doesn’t necessarily mean being a good guy, Jakob is a good one in the movie. He just had some problems with the faith. Being a priest doesn’t mean you’re bound to solve other people’s problems, right?

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Happy Birthday, Keitel!

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