Ramones NOT Greatest Hits

Ramones – NOT Greatest Hits

Ramones deep album cuts

For every Rockaway Beach or Rock N Roll High School, Ramones recorded dozens of deep album cuts that never saw the light beyond their two minutes on vinyl. While we know and treasure those first four albums, we all too often forget the rest. That with Phil Spector on board, End Of The Century is a masterpiece. That they were never afraid of a cover version or sticking to the formula that had served them so well – and that is what we are celebrating here. Ramones deep album cuts and ones that those wannabes in their T-shirts from Primark could never name. The songs that despite influencing every garage-originating guitar band since still sound joyfully and uniquely Ramones.

The playlist

So with a 1-2-3-4 and a Hey Hey, Let’s Go – let’s crank it up and enjoy Ramones NOT Greatest Hits

Why we love Ramones

For all the genius of The Beatles, the rock star swagger of the Rolling Stones, and the seismic impact of Elvis shaking his pelvis, I suspect that the band that convinced more people that they could pick up a guitar was the four (non) brothers from Queens. Ramones were simply perfect in their imperfection. Jimi Hendrix was ever a realistic role model for any of us. Eddie Van Halen never had a charity shop guitar that barely stayed in tune long enough to decide which song to learn, let alone actually play it.

Now is not the time to discuss their place in “punk history” or who did what and when. Let’s leave that to John Lydon getting all uppity with the world.  When Johnny, Joey, Dee Dee and Tommy first took to the CBGBs stage in 1974, they didn’t give a shit about such things. Twenty-two years later, with Dee Dee back to say one last goodbye, I still don’t reckon they gave a shit.

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The first wave of UK punk was nihilistic in its denial of all that had gone before. Yet Ramones celebrated their record collections. They wanted to create something new, but not by tearing down and spitting on the past. Ramones did it by hugging the past and then playing it really fast. At a time when Led Zeppelin was flying across America with Jimmy Page in flamboyant dragon pants and even more flamboyant performances. When the titans of prog rock were dazzling audience with lasers and lights, they said nothing about any of us. But Ramones gave us a cartoon image of rock n’ roll that we could all get behind. They didn’t sing songs about Vikings and wizards, they sun about being a teenager, sniffing glue and eating refried beans.




There are a bunch of tracks not on Spotify. The albums Animal Boy and Half Way To Sanity are missing. Their farewell concert as documented with the live album We’re Outta Here is also missing. Rarities collection, Weird Tales Of Ramones would have filled some gaps too. The fantastic Ramones tribute album, We’re A Happy Family would also be welcome, not least because Kiss covering Do You Remember Rock N’ Roll Radio is possibly the greatest thing Kiss has ever done.  So here are a few bonus YouTube clips for you.

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