Radiohead was born On A Friday

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On August 8th, 1991, a band called On A Friday did one of their numerous gigs in the Jericho Tavern in Oxford. They were counting down the days until they would give their band another name – the one that now rings the bell in every indie-loving ear.

Now they play all over the world for thousands of people. They are Radiohead. But back then they were just local guys playing at parties. Under a pretty lame band name.

On A Friday were formed in 1985 by five guys who were going to public Abingdon School for boys at the time.
Things were slightly different back then. Jonny Greenwood wasn’t a regular member of the band. On the Jericho Tavern gig 26 years ago, he played harmonica as a guest member. He was to become the band’s guitarist later.
They also had three saxophonists during the 80’s.

In terms of sound, they were very different back then. Listen to this. It’s so not Radiohead!

The high school didn’t last forever, so they went to college, but they didn’t really split. They would still assemble and play during the breaks. (You know, when they weren’t too occupied with math and chemistry problems.)

Can you imagine that the now famous Radiohead played for a tiny group of people at the Jericho tavern in 1987, and moreover – that the reactions on their performance were negative? The legend has it that once they played in front of a group of six people. The reactions were OK, but still… can’t expect miracles when six people are listening!

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Nevertheless, little by little, their popularity started to grow. When they played again at Jericho tavern on August 8th, 1991, they made a better impression, and not so long afterwards they signed for EMI. That’s the moment when Radiohead was born. The rest is history.

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