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QUEEN – Not Greatest Hits

It’s A Beautiful Day here at BathroomWall as we take on the latest episode of Not Greatest Hits. Last time we looked at the Rolling Stones, but in this one with a delve into Queen deep album cuts. In Not Greatest Hits we go beyond the “best of” collections. In the case of Queen, we have also skipped anything on the soundtrack to Bohemian Rhapsody. So you won’t find “Don’t Stop Me Now” or “Bohemian Rhapsody“. There’s no “Seven Seas Of Rhye” or even “Fat Bottomed Girls“. Although we do include some of the band’s work from Flash Gordon and Highlander, this is all about Queen deep album cuts, so if it is on Queen Greatest Hits I, II or III then the rules say it won’t be here.

Queen Not Greatest Hits – The Playlist

Beyond Superfans

Every band has its fans. Most have their “superfans” too. But Queen? Only a band like Queen could have the fans that they do. So when we wanted to do these Queen deep album cuts, rarities and B-sides, going it alone was never going to be an option. We had to open it up, and so we put ourselves In The Lap Of The Gods by asking the fans. As usual with our friends and customers, You Take My Breath Away with your passion and from Father To Son, Son and Daughter you all showed just how Stone Cold Crazy you are for your idols. But More Of That Jazz later, for now, Let Me Entertain You with a few words on the tracks we’ve included before I miss the deadline for this post, and It’s Late. These things need to be done Dead On Time, you know…

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OK, OK, that’s enough Queen song titles puns, I’ll stop now before I Go Crazy. But hey, if they at least made you smile then it shows we are in Good Company.

Three Hours of Queen Deep Album Cuts

There’re 45 tracks included, giving us just a scrape over three hours of Queen deep album cuts. I got to listen to so many Queen tracks. Material that I’d totally forgotten about and I discovered songs on albums I’d never usually listen to. For example, I never realised what a great track Put Out The Fire from Hot Space was. It is so great to learn new things at my age!

Like most people, when it comes to Queen, I have my preferences, but isn’t that much of the appeal of the band? That they have so much going on that there is always going to be something in there that appeals or something new to discover, even so long after Freddie stepped away from the mic for the last time. For example, I’m not big on Queen songs that involve clapping or that are staples at sports stadiums. But those killer guitar riffs of Tie Your Mother Down and Brighton Rock and I’m all over it. Others prefer the simplicity of the paired back instruments that give Freddie’s voice space and practically beg it to Spread Your Wings.

Revisiting Made In Heaven and Queen Forever

This gave me the chance to go through Made In Heaven and Queen Forever that I’d never really thought about. I had always believed that there would be a reason that the songs on these two albums had gone unreleased. I’d still argue that several are, but there’s also some superb music there. Let Me Live was only not included here because it was on Queen Greatest Hits III. Listening to Let Me In Your Heart Again, it seems incredulous that it was left off The Works. The Works is undoubtedly my favourite of Queen’s 80s albums, but they could surely have found space for Let Me In Your Heart Again? I know they had trouble finishing it in the studio, and far be it from me to tell Queen how to do their thing. So I will leave it there.

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What’s Your Favourite?

What do you make of the track selections though? Do you like the playlist we have chosen or do you think we should just Tear It Up? Have we left of your Queen deep album cut? What Queen outtakes would you have chosen? Are you planning on sending round The Hitman because we didn’t find room for Dancer or Back Chat? Let us know in the comments below what you think

So Was It All Worth It? To put together a Queen deep album cuts playlist of Not Greatest Hits that was never going to please everyone? Hell yeah! Now Gimme The Prize…

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