Remembering Peter Vaughan, Game of Thrones’ Maester Aemon

Game of Thrones Tapestry

On this day, a year ago, we woke up to the demise of a brilliant British actor Peter Vaughan (1923-2016), most famous by his role of Maester Aemon in the mind-blowing HBO’s show “Game of Thrones“. It was the day when Vaughan’s watch had ended.

He took part in many movies and TV shows, as well as theatrical plays. But his swan’s song was the role of the great old sage, the one he played from 2011 to 2015.

An honourable man he was in the Game of Thrones. A great Targaryen, he gave up pursuing the throne and joined the Night’s Watch just to get away from the intrigues that were tightly woven into the lives of the royalty. Intrigues are the main part of the game when the game is called: grab the throne and grab it bloody.

Every actor eventually plays his final role. Vaughan’s was a really powerful one.

The show is already wrapping up, and we are eager to see the denouement. But Maester Aemon won’t be a part of it. What’s gone is gone, even when it comes to Targaryens.

Diehard fans have even made a compilation of most, if not all scenes with Maester Aemon in the centre.

Believe it or not, there are people who haven’t seen one of the best and most successful shows ever, but we can safely assume that even they have heard of it. Anyway, they will probably remember Vaughan from The Porridge, Citizen Smith, Chancer, The Remains of the Day.

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