Patti Smith speaks on Bob Dylan and Donâ’t Look Back

Can we talk about cool duos for a minute? Criterionâ’s got this great clip of Patti Smith waxing philosophical over Bob Dylanâ’s impact on her development as a musician. The clip is featured in Criterionâ’s 2015 re-release of Donâ’t Look Back, D. A. Pennebakerâ’s groundbreaking portrait of Dylan and his famed 1965 tour. The film, originally released in 1967, captures Dylan on screen as he scuffles philosophically with journalists, endures the adulation of his teenage fans, and kicks back with Joan Baez, Donovan, and Alan Price.

Smithâ’s interview discusses her introduction to Dylan during her teenage years and where he fits into a musical lineage stretching from Mozart to punk rock, at one point comparing him to French poet Rimbaud. She wraps up the interviewing saying, “He was this badass guy, you know?” Oh, trust us, we know.

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