The Number of the Beast – 36th anniversary

Iron Maiden in Bercy 1

It’s been nearly 38 years, and we’re old enough to cherish the memory. On April 14, 1980, British band Iron Maiden released their first studio album, aptly named – Iron Maiden.

But today we also want to recall March 22, 1982. That was the date when their third album, The Number of the Beast was released, but, with one slight change. The lead singer wasn’t Paul Di’anno anymore, it was the young singer with the specific voice and great vocal range – namely Bruce Dickinson.

There is a war out there people, a full-blown war. Which era is the best? Which singer is the best? Iron Maiden had three of them. Paul Di’anno, Bruce Dickinson and Blaze Bayley.

Let’s be frank, Bailey doesn’t have all that many supporters and maybe it’s not fair. He is a solid singer, and two Iron Maiden albums with him aren’t the worst ones. Let’s say that he was unlucky because he had fairly large shoes to fill after Dickinson’s departure.

You all see where this is going. The real battle is between Di’Anno and Dickinson. Di’Anno featured on only two out of sixteen Maiden studio albums, but that was first two albums. Dickinson was the lead singer on twelve and they are the most popular ones. So, who is better? Does it really matter?

Iron Maiden is a great band, and, more important, these two albums are absolutely amazing. The first one is under a heavy punk influence, and the second one defined what Iron Maiden would become in the future. There is only one thing that matters – it is a great thing to be an Iron Maiden fan.

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Fans are still raving about Bruce and his competition, as demonstrated below. Our stance is clear. Bruce, you rock.


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