Nick Cave shook Belgrade again (may his tour never end)

Nick cave and the bad seeds live

Event: Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds concert.

Place: Belgrade, Kombank arena.

Time: October 28, 2017, 8:00 pm (okay, a little bit later, of course).

Question: Why so serious?

Well, I’m just trying to sound professional, something like a reporter, journalist or something like that. The truth is, this was the concert I’d been waiting for the whole year. It was THE event to attend, and it was Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds tour following the release of the amazing Skeleton Tree album.

And there is another thing. Nick Cave is a beloved guest in Belgrade, and I had that pleasure of watching him at the same place nine years ago, and it was great. It was so great that they ended up playing Johnny Cash’s songs at the show’s finale. So, naturally, I was curious how this will roll out, especially considering that Mick Harvey isn’t in the band anymore.

Frankly, I was worried.

And oh boy, was I wrong to doubt. Oh, ye of little faith!

First of all, the setlist. Well, it was strange. Fortunately, that didn’t affect its overall quality. Au contraire. There were quite a few old Bad Seeds hits; the setlist consisted of recent songs, and that was just great. The concept of the whole show was toned down, nice and easy. Jesus Alone, Magneto, Higgs Boson Blues(!), Jubilee Street(!!), Skeleton Tree(!!!)… And among new songs, old but gold ones – From Her to Eternity, Tupelo, Red Right Hand, The Weeping Song.

The only song that, IMO, jolted out of concept was The Ship Song, but that’s the matter of personal preference.

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And what to say about the star of the night, the Great Gothic Bard himself? Well, he mesmerized the audience, made contact with people, and we were grateful. He was grateful. Pure magic.

What is the point of this story? Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds are ending their 2017 tour on November 20th in Tel Aviv. They will continue it in 2018, but give yourself a chance to finish this year with a bang!

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