My Generation â” The Song For 52 Generations (And Counting)

Probably the most recognisable The Whoâ’s song is basically a song about young frustrated people.

It was released 52 years ago, but seems like young people of any generation can find themselves in it. Its ongoing popularity keeps on proving it.

The song was written by Pete Townshend. He woke up one day and found himself dissatisfied with the society in which authorities try to shut up the youngsters because they donâ’t understand them.

Sounds familiar. At some point every one of us got mad about different types of authorities who failed to understand us, because they didnâ’t want to even listen to us. The young, they assume, know nothing and understand nothing because they are young – and therefore they should obey.

Most of us are prone to say:

“Why don’t you all fade away

And don’t try to dig what we all say…”

Young people are rebellious, itâ’s in their nature. Sometimes theyâ’re wrong, but the “sit down and shut up“ approach is not the right one to prove them wrong. If they are right and you donâ’t even want to listen, things get worse.

Thatâ’s why the lyrics remain close to every generation of young people. Some of us who are not so young but haven’t forgot the time when we used to try and find our place in society, also remember and love it.

Really, you old wise citizens, with all due respect, donâ’t try to dig what young people say. Listen to them even when you think theyâ’re wrong. They might come up with a good song about it that even you will get to enjoy.

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