Morrissey On Tour Again – And This Time He Won’t Postpone

After last year’s postponing of the tour because the keyboardist who should have played with Morrissey got ill, the good news came last month. Morrissey is ready for the tour again, and the first show is to be seen tomorrow.

All of us know him. There’s nothing new to say about him. There are people who love The Smiths but did not accept Morrissey’s solo work. But I think there are even more of them who liked it and are looking forward to his upcoming tour.

I had the opportunity to see him about ten years ago on the Exit Festival in Novi Sad, Serbia. There’s even a video that some of you may find interesting.

My friend and I were tired, so we decided not to go into the crowd. We casually took place at the back and just listened. And it was really nice. We enjoyed and really got some rest, with his voice so calming. The decision to stand at the back of the crowd was cat’s whiskers, ’cause no one bothered us, no pushing, no wading, we could just close our eyes and enjoy in the beautiful voice.

I’m sure it was equally great in the middle of the crowd and in front of the stage. It’s always special when you get to see the performer, but the point is – his voice is so powerful, emotional, his music and the lyrics go straight to the heart, even if one stands at the back and doesn’t see any of him.

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